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Our documentary feature film project, “Directors on Directing,” released in the summer of 2009, can be seen at various film festivals, with television and DVD distribution to swiftly follow. It is a look at the development of film making and its contribution to the social and political times from the perspective of Black film makers. Candied interviews with some of the top Black Directors in the business including: Michael Schultz, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Robert Townsend, Bill Duke, Fred Williamson, Melvin Van Peebles and other industry leaders. Seven Lights Productions and Actor and film maker Lord Jamel Wade team up to produce this documentary which examines not only  the art of Directing, But also the Black pioneers of film making, the industry in Hollywood, the digital technology and President Barack Obama.
Drugs 101 is a coming of age urban drama following two inner city youths coming up in the midst a world of drug addiction and drug dealing. Their simple plan turns into one disaster after another, death, poverty, murder, love and the pursuit of money, are leading each to realize that growing up is about more than just get paid, and each decision one makes can change their lives forever.  When the odds are against them, can they survive!
 “From Superman to Man” is entirely based on the novel by famed author and self-made scholar Joel A. Rogers.  This book was so influential in its time that it was mandatory reading for all members of the original Constitution and By-Laws of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. Written by Jamel Wade, the play had a short successful run during Black History Month in 2007.  It follows the conversation between a Black railroad porter and a bigoted White racist senator from Oklahoma. In this post WWII era of Jim Crow and lynching, the well-educated Black laborer destroys the illusion of superiority held by the senator, in an overwhelming display of logic, compassion and knowledge of European literature. Auditions are currently being scheduled for its Black History Month performance in February 2010.